Naif Arab University for Security Sciences (NAUSS) is under the leadership of His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Naif bin Abdulaziz, Crown Prince,  Deputy Prime Minister, Head of the Council of Political and Security Affairs and Minister of Interior of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. His Royal Highness is the Chairman of the Supreme Council at NAUSS.

NAUSS is a unique educational institution in the Arab world and is situated in Riyadh, the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

NAUSS was established in 1978 and was named The Arab Centre for Security Studies and Training. It was established through cooperation between Arab police and security chiefs and the Council of Arab Interior Ministers to meet the training needs of Arab security personnel.

In 1997 the Council of Arab Interior Ministers, recognizing the great academic advancements of NAUSS under the leadership and support of His Royal Highness Prince Naif Ibn Abdul Aziz Al-Saud, Second Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, named the center Naif Arab Academy for Security Sciences.

NAUSS advanced in all of its fields of security training and developed its various departments into separate colleges offering postgraduate level qualifications such as doctorates, master’s degrees and diplomas.

In 2004, NAUSS was granted official university status by the Council of Arab Interior Ministers due to its major academic achievements. The name given to the university was Naif Arab University for Security Sciences. 


To provide a scientific and academic environment for the preparation of exceptional security leaders to carry out security studies that meet the needs of Arab societies according to a comprehensive concept of security using administrative, technological, and information based means and through activating Arab partnerships.



- Providing the foundations of security sciences and giving knowledge about regulations in the Islamic Sharia 

- Making academic specializations in postgraduate studies in fields of security based on a comprehensive concept of security available to people from Arab countries 

- Training Arab security and professional personnel and qualifying them in the field of criminal justice and crime fighting 

- Enriching academic research in fields of academic and strategic studies and providing academic consultation and strengthening the body of security related literature with research and specialist studies 

- Strengthening academic and security related cooperation with academic and police-based institutions and with international organizations 

- Contributing to nurturing an awareness of security to serve issues of sustained growth

Programs and research at the University relate to a large number of security topics including counter-terrorism, drugs, human trafficking, forensic sciences, strategic sciences, civil defence, border security, criminal justice, domestic violence, fraud, rehabilitation of offenders, prison management, security training and education, and more. 

The University is one of the 17 centers around the world that are collectively part of the United Nations Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Program Network.

NAUSS specializes in advanced security related studies at postgraduate level in the form of diplomas, master’s degrees and doctorate programs. NAUSS also offers other security related diplomas and training courses, and holds various security exhibitions. The medium of study is Arabic and students come from all over the Arab world. Students may be accepted from other countries upon agreement from the executive committee.

NAUSS is the only academic institution directly serving the Council of Arab Interior Ministers. Programs at NAUSS are offered in accordance with the directions and advice of the Council of Arab Interior Ministers and the Arab League.

In striving to fight and prevent crime in all its forms, the university aims to serve all Arab nations in providing expert academic studies and training to its security forces. In addition, NAUSS cooperates with international security institutions and experts in exchanging knowledge and experience.

NAUSS has strong relationships with many educational and security related institutions regionally and internationally - including the United Nations; the university continuously holds security conferences, seminars and exhibitions to spread awareness about security and develop the skills and knowledge of those working in its field.