Security and Life Magazine

This comprehensive Arabic monthly magazine aims to spread security awareness, knowledge and information through numerous knowledge based articles. Articles give information about the latest progress in fighting all forms of crime and current problems and challenges facing the security sectors of society. The magazine also contains more specialized academic articles.

    It provides the latest security related regional and international news in addition to news related to the activities of NAUSS and other major international institutions such as the UN and the Arab League.

    This magazine is distributed free of charge in all Arab interior ministries and ministries of justice, along with many other official sectors within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    This magazine is part of the efforts of NAUSS in spreading awareness of security issues and cooperating in developing security regionally and in the worldwide community.

    Security and Life magazine is available by subscription and is also made available free of charge on line at the NAUSS information portal.  

·         Please follow this link for full access to the magazine