​ International activities at Naif Arab University for Security Sciences (NAUSS) occupy a central part of the work and ethos of the university. Since the establishment of this institute of learning and training nearly 30 years ago, countless international activities have served to provide Arab security personnel with the most up to date knowledge and experience. These activities take many forms such as academic conferences, seminars and symposiums, training programs, exhibitions, publishing and distributing of books, theses, journals and articles, official visits and memorandums of understanding and cooperation.

These international activities take place all over the world and are essential in actualizing the aims of the university and give greater scope and depth to its work and research. NAUSS has attended over 700 international conferences discussing and facing all types of security related issues. NAUSS has published over 600 academic works in security sciences, which are made available internationally, and has signed more than 180 memorandums of understanding and cooperation with regional and international academic organizations and institutions.

NAUSS international activities aim to gather knowledge and experience from all around the world in cooperation with regional and international governments, academic institutions and associations. Cooperation and contact with the United Nations and its related bodies are a fundamental part of these activities. NAUSS is regularly invited to meetings held by the UN and also receives many of its members at the university. The university is also a member of INTERPOL. The University has organized and held many training programs in cooperation with Interpol both on campus and outside of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

Regional cooperation, in the Middle East, is directly linked to following and carrying out the directives of the Council of Arab Interior Ministers who gather annually to assess important Arab security needs. The Council provides regional governments with important Arab security strategies helping to manage and develop the state of security in the region. NAUSS, the academic organ of the council, aims to fulfill the necessary academic research and training helping to actualize these strategies. NAUSS greatly values the knowledge, experience and expertise of all regional and international security personnel and strives to benefit in the international fight against crime in all its forms.