NAUSS Participates in the Riyadh International Book Fair 2017

Publish Date: 3/9/2017
news_09032017.jpgThis event is one of the biggest and most important cultural events both nationally and regionally. In recognition of the importance of this event, Naif Arab University for Security Sciences is taking part.

The University is exhibiting more than 621 of its publications in different areas of security sciences. These publications have greatly enriched Arabic academic literature in these specialist fields. NAUSS is the largest publisher of security research in the entire region.

There is also an electronic library available at the University’s wing of the exhibition that aims to assist specialists and researchers in these fields. The University is providing visitors with pamphlets and general information about its activities, efforts, and achievements. This includes the showing of short documentary films about NAUSS. There is information about the achievements of NAUSS in counter-terrorism, drugs, modern crimes, ideological security, human rights, combating people trafficking, nuclear security, and more.

Participation in this event is part of the University’s realization of the importance of spreading an awareness of security among all levels of society. In order to achieve this, the University has established the Naif University Publishing House that oversees the publishing and distribution of books, theses, journals, and magazines.

His Royal Highness the late Prince Naif bin Abdulaziz illustrated the great achievements of NAUSS in enriching Arabic academic literature in security sciences when he famously said that the body of Arabic academic literature in security sciences was void of research in previous years. Today’s exhibition is a testimony to these great achievements.