Major Academic Conference: The Role of the Internet in Fighting Terrorism and Extremism

Publish Date: 1/23/2011
           Under the supervision of His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed Ibn Naif Ibn Abdul Aziz, Deputy Minister of Interior Security Affairs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in cooperation with the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Interior, the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the United Nations and the Global Center on Terrorism, Naif Arab University for Security Sciences (NAUSS) is holding an academic conference discussing and researching the role of the internet in fighting terrorism and extremism.

The conference runs from 24 – 26/01/2011 on the university campus in Riyadh.

Attendees include specialist members of anti terrorism units in the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Jordan, Oman, Algeria, Qatar, Lebanon, Egypt, the USA, Spain, Germany, Holland, the Soviet Republic, Belgium, Canada, Norway, Hungary, France, Italy, Turkey, Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, Sweden, Britain, Pakistan, India and Afghanistan.

In addition, members of other important organizations will be present such as the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC), Organization of the Islamic Conference, the European Union and the Russian Federation.

NAUSS, in cooperation with the University of Cairo, recently held a conference in Cairo, Egypt entitled: The use of the Internet in Terrorist Funding and Recruitment. The conference ran from 25 -27/10/2010. In addition, NAUSS, in cooperation with the Council of Arab Media Ministers recently held an academic workshop entitled: The Media's Role in Addressing the Phenomenon of Terrorism which took place on the university campus in Riyadh from 17 – 19/01/2011. 

This conference is an extension of the findings and developments made in these recent and important events.   

This conference has many important aims, including the following:  

-       Increasing Arab and international awareness of the negative uses of the internet related to terrorism and extremism. 

-       Sharing valuable knowledge and experience amongst attendees. 

-       Strengthening Arab and international cooperation in fighting and researching terrorism.  

-       Uniting international efforts in employing the internet as a tool in fighting terrorism and extremism.  

-       Examining and benefiting from regional and international experience in using the internet in fighting terrorism.  

This conference is based on a realization of the quick and effective role of the internet in spreading terrorist information and ideologies; terrorists have been pressurized by effective security forces and are using the internet as a more hidden means to recruit future terrorists and spread extremist ideas.  

However, the negative role of the internet may be successfully countered with its effective use against such web based criminal activities. This conference aims to shed light on the most effective uses of the internet in counter terrorism surveillance and police work.   

His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed ibn Naif ibn Abdul Aziz highlighted that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has some of the best and richest experience in fighting terrorism – especially due to combating it on all levels including sociologically, ideologically and practically.

He stressed that these achievements are due the efforts and guidance of The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, His Royal Highness King Abdullah ibn Abdul Aziz and His Majesty Prince Naif Ibn Abdul Aziz Al-Saud, the Second Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of The Board of Directors at NAUSS. 

The prince also praised the awareness of the Saudi people concerning the dangers of terrorism and its destructive ideologies and the important role they have played in helping to combat it – in addition to the invaluable role played by the security forces.  

He stressed that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia sees international cooperation as one of the main and most successful factors in defeating terrorism; it is for this reason that this conference comes as a welcome development in international cooperation and the effective exchange of ideas and experience.  

His Majesty sincerely thanked NAUSS and all of the other participating bodies for their efforts in holding this conference.  

The president of NAUSS, Professor Abdulaziz ibn Sagr Al-Ghamdi stressed that the university fully realizes the immense danger presented by terrorism to both the public and successful economic growth - as well as national security. It is based upon this realization that the university organizes and holds its numerous conferences, symposiums and training courses in fighting terrorism – this is part of the responsibility of NAUSS as a unique security studies and training institution.  

The university has been researching terrorism and training members of the security forces in anti terrorism fields since 1983.  

This conference is part of the long and successful relationships NAUSS has with international organizations, such as the United Nations, in fighting and preventing crime through expert research and training.  

In addition, the Council of Arab Interior Ministers annually lay down the latest Arab security strategies – including those concerning the fight against terrorism; NAUSS, as the academic organ of the council, is responsible for providing the research and training necessary to fulfill these strategies.  

On the subject of terrorism, NAUSS has held 270 training sessions, 23 conferences, 90 educational conferences, produced 22 academic studies, 47 academic publications, 70 academic theses, and has participated in over 70 regional and international conferences on this important subject.