Academic Program: Advanced DNA Technologies used in Identifying Morphological Traits of Offenders

Publish Date: 2/26/2017
This important 7-day program is running from the 26th of February until the 2nd of March and has been organized by the College of Forensic Sciences. Attendees are personnel working in the field of forensic DNA analysis in forensic departments and specialists working in specialist research centers studying DNA material and personnel working in related security sectors from different Arab countries.

The program has a number of important aims:

- To provide attendees with knowledge and skills related to the use of scientific technology used in advanced forensic laboratories (Advanced generation technologies used in the analysis of nucleotide chains)

- Technologies used for the analysis of nucleotide chains to identify singular nucleotides that aim to revealed the morphological traits of individuals to help in forensic investigation

The program looks at a number of important subjects, including the following:

- Technologies used in DNA analysis and methods of DNA extraction

- The preparation of biological samples

- Technologies used in the quantitative estimation of DNA and Polymerase chain reaction

- Forensic applications of the examination of the mitochondrial genome sequence

- Interpretation of forensic DNA analysis

This program is part of the University’s efforts to provide Arab security personnel with the latest developments in forensic science to refine their performance.